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About Us

Some of the questions we hear most often:
Who do I call if I have a problem? Our association is managed by Holly Hill of Westridge Property Group. She can be reached at 288-1109 or by email,

How much are dues and what do they include? Dues are currently $119. They cover property management, landscaping, repairs and upkeep of common property, insurance on buildings and much more. A complete operating budget is available upon request.

Where do I send my dues payment? By mail: Georgetowne Square Condominium c/o Westridge Property Group, PO Box 10172, Greensboro NC 27404. Electronic draft is also available. A form can be downloaded from the links page.

Do we have use of the pool and tennis courts? No, they are owned and operated by Georgetowne Square Townhomes, which is a seperate association. However they do allow purchase into the use of the facilities. Contact Holly Hill for more information.

What does the Board of Directors do and how often do they meet? The association operatesd under their direction. The board is responsible for ensuring the property is maintained and ultimately the financial stability of the association. The board is not the police and cannot intervene in disputes between homeowners. Typically the board meets the second Tuesday of the month.

Can I contact the board directly? Yes. Georgetowne Square Condos / Board of Directors/ PO Box 49906/ Greensboro, NC 27409-9906. General information should still be directed to the property manager.

Where can I mount a satellite dish? Satellite dishes can be mounted to the deck only. They cannot be mounted to the roof, siding or poles in the common areas. High Def dishes do not operate off the same satellites as normal dishes and reception can be harder to reach. Please be aware, if seeking HDTV, cable may be the only option for reception.